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ICO Slams three councils for loss of child data

The Information Commissioner’s Office made the unusual step of naming and shaming three English Councils for the loss of data relating to children. The London Borough of Barnet, West Sussex County Council and Buckinghamshire County admitted losing data on a total 9000 children under their care, through the loss of unencrypted memory sticks, cd’s, laptops and written reports. As a result, all three Councils have now signed formal undertakings for breaching the Data Protection Act, and now promise that all employees will be made aware of data policies, the storage of data and use of personal data in the future.


Given the new powers that the ICO will acquire in 18 month’s time, we believe that it is vitally important for organisations handling information and personal data relating to children to undertake a review of their data management practices.

Absolute Data have been asked to undertake such a review by the community department of a leading Premier League Football Club who wish to remain ahead of the game in terms of data management by ensuring that the personal data relating to participants of soccer coaching courses and educational projects remains absolutely secure and  unavailable to unauthorised employees of the football club.

The loss of data relating to children is highly emotive and could be very damaging to small professional sports organisations and their funders.