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ICO to Target Specific Industries

The ICO has today issued a statement informing readers of its plans to target specific industries, in order to enforce them to notify if they  handle people’s personal information.

Private investigators routinely handle personal information; however the 1626 private investigators registered with the ICO seems like a relatively small number. As a result, the ICO has written to various governing bodies including the Association of British Investigators and the Institute of Professional Investigators, to try and encourage them to notify the ICO. If private investigators are still then seen to be flouting the rules, the ICO has warned that ‘regulatory action’ will be taken.


Currently, notification to the ICO for any organisation is just £35, but fines for lack of notification can be devestating.With the ICO now targeting specific industries it feels need to be made aware of the consequences, it is of vital importance that all organisations check that they are covered. If there is seen to be a trend within an industry, your organisation could be hit hard. If you would like us to help you ensure that your organisaition isn’t targeted, and that you have the right notification, please email us for further information at