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The Consequences of Data Theft

In mid November 2009, T Mobile admitted to a massive data breach in which an employee had stolen a very large volume of T Mobile customer data and sold it on to a third party.  Rival phone companies bought the data and used the information to call customers who were nearing the end of their current T Mobile contract to offer them a new contract with a different network.  Last month, David Turley, now a former T Mobile employee, appeared at Chester Crown Court facing 18 charges under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998.  Turley admitted to stealing and selling the data and will be sentenced shortly.  The maximum penalty for data theft was increased to £500,000 in April 2010 but the Information Commissioner has been pushing for some months for prison sentences. 


Many companies are already taking precautions to deal with the “Insider Threat” regarding data loss and a variety of tools and technologies are becoming available to combat the risk.  The best first starting place for companies that are concerned about data protection issues is to carry out a data protection risk assessment: something that Absolute Data can undertake.