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East Lothian Council publishes personal details online

East Lothian Council has apologised in the East Lothian Courier for a major error made in the protection of data after taxi licensee’s personal informtation, including their criminal convictions, was published on the local authority’s website.

The information was made accessible to all for approximately two hours, although as soon as this major error was realised, the papers were removed from the site and the Information Commissioner’s office informed.

A council spokesperson commented: “This was a serious error on the part of the council. We have sent letters to the individuals named in the papers apologising unreservedly for any distress caused. Following an immediate investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident, we have also taken steps to improve our procedures to ensure that it does not happen again.”

Mistakes can happen, and an organisation’s current system may be found to have loop holes in, thus introducing an element of risk into the data management system. However, it is vitally important that procedures relating to the management of data are documented, adhered to and regularly reviewed so as to not allow such procedural flaws to happen at all.

By having a documented procedural system for data management, the chances of getting it right first time will be increased. By reviewinf such systems will continually improving the data management system. This is something that Absolute Data does and can help you with. Contact us now:

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