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RSA suggest a new era of compliance in the world of Data

A recent study, by the RSA-backed Security for Business Innovation Council, regarding data protection and the rules surrounding it, titled ‘Raising the Bar for Organisations Worldwide’ has suggested that it is the ‘end of business as usual’ for companies. The RSA has reported that ‘recent developments in data protection legislation and enforcement measures add up to a new and more hostile compliance landscape for companies’. It is expected that the upcoming EU Data Protection Directive will outline plans for increased enforcement of regulations, but also tighter rules and requirements around notifying the authorities of a breach.

However, due to tougher enforcement and penalties for data protection breaches, the report has gone so far as to recommend that businesses should take action to influence legislators in order to keep data protection rules from growing too strict.  It is assumed that data protection authorities will have full power for ‘auditing, halting data processing and engaging in legal proceedings’ according to the study. However, the study is suggesting that organisations make efforts to influence legislators to ensure that regulations avoid overly-prescriptive rules.

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