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Facebook involved in Privacy Breach

Privacy options on the social networking site Facebook have not been working in all cases, it emerged this week.

The personal information of millions of users was being passed to around 25 different advertising and data firms, without prior consent, even when privacy settings were at the maximum security levels. Organisations whose ‘apps’ can be operated on Facebook, including Farmville and Texas Hold’em Poker were transmitting user ID’s to such firms – who can then create target individuals with specifc promotions and advertising campaigns.

‘The practice violates Facebook’s own rules on data protection and will raise questions about the company’s ability to keep information about its members’ activities secure’ says the Daily Mail’s Jack Doyle. As a result of the latest findings, Facebook has suspended the operations of those violating the rules.

Daniel Hamilton of Big Brother Watch said: ‘This is the latest in a string of security
breaches by Facebook.

‘For the site to pass on confidential information about their users to third parties in order to sell advertising is a gross invasion of privacy.
‘It’s important that members of the public realise that Facebook is not a private place, nor is their information secure.’

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