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Recruitment Agency signs Undertaking for the ICO

Healthcare Locums, a medical recruitment agency, has signed a formal Undertaking for the ICO after it was found to have lost the personal data relating to doctors.

An auction website was used to sell this personal data, which included visa and clearance information, and although Healthcare Locums confirmed the incident had happened, it initially didn’t know how or when the data went missing – later it was confirmed that the hard drive containing the information went missing during a transfer of items across the country.

“This breach highlights the importance of making sure personal information is transported in a way that complies with the Data Protection Act,” said Sally Anne-Poole, enforcement group manager at the ICO. Healthcare Locums signed the formal Undertaking, which covers how information is handled and transported.

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Mistakes can happen, and an organisation’s current system may be found to have loop holes in, thus introducing an element of risk into the data management system. However, it is vitally important that procedures relating to the management of data are documented, adhered to and regularly reviewed so as to not allow such procedural flaws to happen at all.
By having a documented procedural system for data management, the chances of getting it right first time will be increased. By reviewing such systems will continually improving the data management system. This is something that Absolute Data does and can help you with. Contact us now: