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Public Sector ahead of private sector on Data Protection Awareness

The ICO has today announced that big business are lagging behind the public sector when it comes to data protection awareness following research by SMSR on behalf of the ICO.

Under 50% of private sector firms, in the recent survey, said that they should store personal information securely, at a time when the general public ranked ‘protecting personal information’ second highest in social concerns – only ‘preventing crime’ ranked higher. The general public are more aware than ever that they have a right to see the information that a company or organisation holds about them, as almost 90% of people serveyed knew this.

Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, said:
“A strong awareness of data protection obligations is of fundamental importance to any organisation. Businesses need to show they are taking data protection seriously. Failing to do so could not only lead to enforcement action, it could also do significant damage to their reputation.

“There is a link between satisfied customers and good handling of personal information. Our research shows that almost all of the individuals surveyed are concerned about the collection and secure storage of their personal information. Ignoring data protection obligations is ignoring a key customer concern.”
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