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Survey says People want Tougher Penalties for Data Loss

Website IT Pro has today announced that ‘most UK consumers want tougher penalties to be handed to companies guilty of losing data’, following a recent survey by OnePoll.

Other conclusions drawn from the survey suggest that two thirds of those asked want to see company directors face criminal proceedings for serious data breaches and that many people want to see compulsory data loss disclosure implemented in the UK.

The results of the survey come after the ICO issued its first fines since it gained more power back in April 2010; whilst some are showing praise for this new implementation, others don’t think the fines issued are big enough, at £100,000 and £60,000.
Ross Brewer, Vice President and Managing Director, International Markets, LogRhythm Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) said that the survey ‘proved companies do not just risk being punished for data loss incidents, they risk losing customers as well’.
 “Our findings show that when people hear about the loss of confidential information they will actively avoid the organisations involved – 66 percent stated they would try to avoid future interactions, while 17 percent were adamant they definitely would not have anything more to do with the guilty party,” he added.