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Freedom of Information to be Expanded?

James Chapman of the Daily Mail has today reported that deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has pledged to expand freedom of information by ensuring ‘hundreds more taxpayer-funded and charitable bodies should be subject to the transparency of the Freedom of Information Act, which currently applies only to most public authorities’.
They will include the organisations which are currently shielded from scrutiny such as the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), academy school trusts and the Financial Ombudsman Service.
Mr Clegg said that if an organisation’s behaviour and decisions had ‘clear consequences for the public good, people must be able to see right into the heart of them’.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said that Britain remained a society where information was ‘hoarded by the few’.
‘And, as we know, information is knowledge, and knowledge is power,’ he added.
‘People cannot be free when the state is forever on their back; when their liberties are denied and their autonomy is undermined.
‘So this Government is going to restore British freedoms”.

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