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E-privacy Directive worries Telecomms companies

Z-Net UK jhas today published an article regarding a new law: The E-Privacy Directive. This new law will take effect from March; it will force telecommunications providers to inform customers about data breaches. In addition, the banking, healthcare and small business sectors are being considered for inclusion in this data-breach notification law by the European Commission.

The European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA) is worried about the launch of this law, stating that it will be a “key challenge for organisations”, and “Gaining and maintaining the trust and buy-in of citizens that their data is secure and protected represents a potential risk to the future development and take-up of innovative technologies and higher value-added online services across Europe”.
Naturally, telecommunications companies are worried about the damage notifying the public of a breach will do to their reputations and brands; and data protection regulators fear that an increase in notifications will put a strain on the services they provide.

Public confidence has been shaken of late, with some data breaches gaining a high profile within the media, especially since the introduction of monetary fines – namely Hertfordshire County Council and employment services company A4e.
“Every day there seems to be headlines that personal data has been leaked, that someone has found a laptop on a train,” Enisa data-breach expert Sławomir Górniak told ZDNet UK.

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