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ICO urges public to take control of personal credit files

A press release has been issued from the Information Commissioner’s Office, urging the general public to take control of their personal credit files in 2011.

If a credit file is inaccurate, lenders can turn down requests for credit, and considering the economic climate, it is more important than ever for individuals to ensure their files are as they should be.

‘Credit explained’ is an easy to read guide issued by the ICO which helps users understand their rights. Go to now to read the guide in full.

17% of all complaints letters received by the ICO in the last financial year were from people trying to correct information on their credit reports.

“Your credit reference file isn’t something you should only worry about when applying for a loan or buying a house – taking this approach could mean mistakes go un-noticed for years. I want to put a challenge out to the British public to make 2011 the year they take control of the information credit agencies hold about them. It’s your information and you have a right to check it’s all in order,” David Smith, Deputy Commissioner at the ICO, said.