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Unencrypted laptop holding personal data put at risk- UK Junior doctor to blame has today reported the loss of an unencrypted laptop by a doctor in the UK. The laptop in question contained patient data.

The report details that the UK junior medic faces a disciplinary enquiry, after acting against regulations set by the Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust. He took unencrypted patient information and loaded it onto his own laptop, which was then stolen. He didn’t inform the right people of the incident for two weeks after.

Hull NHS Trust residents have been affected by a third breach of personal data exposure in less than a year, the others being the unauthorised access of sensitive data by a Trust staff member, and the theft of data from firm A4e (who, incidentally, were one of the first companies to be issued with a monetary fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office).

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Absolute Data works with many organisations to reduce or eliminate the risk to the personal information that they hold about individuals. The “softer side” of privacy risk management such as staff training and having documented procedures is often overlooked and under-funded in organisations and an area where we can have a big impact for a modest investment.
By having a documented procedural system for data management, the chances of getting it right first time will be increased. By reviewing such systems, organisations will continually improve data management systems. This is something that Absolute Data does and can help you with.
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