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Google Buzz to undergo privacy reviews for next 20 years.

Marketing Week has reported on an article first written in, whereby Google Buzz will have to undergo a privacy review once every two years for the next 20 years.

Complaints were made about Google Buzz, including ‘public listing of users’ frequent Gmail contacts and the inability to be fully removed from the social network’. These complaints let to charges that it violated its own privacy promises..

Google stated: “We don’t always get everything right. The launch of Google Buzz fell short of our usual standards for transparency and user control, letting our users and Google down.”

Google has been the subject of privacy complaints in more than one area in recent times; it was for gathering personal data using unsecured Wi-Fi networks for its Streetview service.

This latest online privacy incident has resulted in comments by Viviane Reding, of the European Justice Commission (EJC),when she last week indicated that global internet companies, such as Facebook and Google, would be bound by European law, and that citizens had the right to proper data protection and the “right to be forgotten”.

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