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EU Privacy Legislation will bring costs to businesses, but make for 'level playing ground'.

Businesses will be subject to extra costs regarding EU data privacy legislation, once new plans are implemented. Viviane Reding, the European Commissioner for justice, fundmental rights and citizenship, has recently been outling associated costs behind the forthcoming legislation, but has suggested that an EU-wide framework for data management would infact eliminate costs, due to simplifaction fo the law and thus a reduction in the work load relating to compliance.

Reding stated, ‘All fundamental rights have a cost. The right to the protection of data is not an exception,” she said. “Costs are carried by businesses, administrations and citizens – actually by society as a whole. But I believe that companies have specific responsibility because data is often their main economic asset.”

Reding warned that it is vital to get things in relation to data management equal across the EU, in order to maintain consumer / busines trust, and create a level playing field between competing businesses.

“I strongly believe that the cost of no action in the field of data protection is much higher than the cost of improving the rules.” Reding stated.

It is expected that the UK government will find the specch Reding made particularly interested, as it is apparent that it is critical of such plans for data privacy (especially ‘the right to be forgotten’).

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