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Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust signs formal undertaking for Data Protection Act breach.

The ICO has confirmed that Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has signed a formal undertaking after acknowledging that it twice breached the Data Protection Act in 2010.

Although full details of the incidents haven’t been released, it is clear that on both occasions, information regarding third parties was sent to an individual, after the individual requested information solely about them.

Acting Head of Enforcement, Sally-anne Poole, said:

“More and more people today want to find out exactly what information their GP or hospital holds about them, making subject access requests an increasingly popular tool.

“However, just because staff are busy with requests, this does not mean they can stop doing adequate checks before information is sent out. I am pleased that Royal Cornwall NHS Hospital Trust has agreed to take the necessary steps to make sure this sort of incident doesn’t happen again.”

A full copy of the undertaking can be viewed here:

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