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UK government to adopt EU rules on browser cookies, confirms Vaizey.

The Enquirer has today reported that the government will adopt EU regulations regarding web browser cookies from 25th May onwards, and that it has suggested that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will be lenient on firms that do not adopt the regulations until then.

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said, “Our use of digital technologies, mobile and fixed line phone services, e-mail and the internet continues unabated. The changes to the EU Electronic Communications Framework will bring our regulatory framework up to date. They will help ensure there is a level playing field across Europe.”

The new regulations mean that companies will have to ask users for their permission before doing anything with browser cookies; the UE rules already enforce this. Its aim is to give users more privacy and a voice as to how companies see their consumers

The Enquirer states:
“In order to smooth the web browsing process the government has promised to work with browser makers to create ‘do not track’ features. This is incredibly fortunate since in the main the web browsers already have them.”

Vaizey added:
“We recognise that work on the technical solutions for cookie use will not be complete by the implementation deadline. It will take time for meaningful solutions to be developed, evaluated and rolled out. Therefore we do not expect the ICO to take enforcement action in the short term against businesses and organisations as they work out how to address their use of cookies.”

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