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Free Fraud Protection offered to PSN users in parts of Europe…

Dominic Sacco has reported that Sony has offered all PlayStation Network users 12 month’s free identity theft protection, following the mass-theft of its customer’s data recently.

Affinion International Ltd has made a deal with Sony in order for Sony to be able to offer this free service; users in the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany all qualify – with Sony hopeful that other countries will be able to qualify soon too.

The fraud protection service includes cover for the following items (according tot he European PlayStation blog):

– Monitoring and alerting service
– Personal information protection software
– Dedicated helpline
– Victim of fraud support
– Insurance that covers the expenses incurred in identity restoration following identity fraud
– Card monitoring and alerting service

Sony finally switched the PlayStation Network (PSN) back on last weekend after almost a month of inactivity, follwoign an illegal breach of the system. It is thought that around 77 million PSN users we affected, having their personal information accessed. Sony hasn’t ruled out the possibility that these users’ credit card details were also stolen.

Although critics have been quick to judge Sony for the speed at which it acted in the aftermath, Sony chief Howard Stringer is adamant that it ‘did act quickly enough to tell users about a security breach’, says  the BBC.

Stringer went on to add that most security breaches go unreported and that only 43% of firms “notify victims within a month”. He was quoted to say

“We reported in a week. You are telling me my week wasn’t fast enough?”