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Two charities sign Undertakings following Data Breaches.

PDP News has reported that two UK-based charities have breached the Data Protection Act.

The breaches occurred in the first instance after the sensitive data of young people was left on an unencrypted laptop belonging to Asperger’s Children and Carers Together. The laptop was then taken to an employee’s house and subsequently stolen. Up to 80 individual’s data was stolen along with the laptop – the information in the data included medical history, names, addresses and dates of birth.

The second charity that breached the Act was the Wheelbase Motor Project in Nottingham; the data stolen in this instance included previous criminal convictions and child protection issues of several young people.

Both organisations reported their losses to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) swiftly and as a result have both signed formal undertakings, in which they commit to ‘encrypt all portable and mobile devices that are used to store personal data’.


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