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Complaints made to ICO about new Cookie law has reported on the number of complaints made to the ICO in the days following the implementation of the new cookie law.

The law came into play on 26th May; from now on, all websites must gain permission from visitors if they intend to ‘drop’ cookies – small text files left by websites on a user’s computer – which are used to gather data about users.

The ICO has given a year for website owners to implement the necessary changes needed to comply with the law. Katherine Vander from the ICO said financial penalties would only by levied on “persistent offenders”.

The UK is said to be leading the way in adopting the new law, but there has been ‘backlash from the online industry’ due to the value that cookies bring to gathering audience information, and the ICO has also received complaints regarding the publicity surrounding the new rules.

“We’ve been criticised for not being more prescriptive. But we’re not best-placed to tell you,” Vander said.

“We fully recognise the challenges of implementing these requirements.

“You can be very clever how you get consent…. It doesn’t have to involve ticking a box but it has to involve someone taking a positive action in some way,” she said.