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New data rules in India likely to affect UK business.

A recent article by John Ribeiro in PC World magazine has reported that stringent new data protection and collection rules in India could mean that companies from outside of India will be required to adjust their data collection practices to conform to Indian data protection regulations – even though their current practices may comply fully with their own country’s privacy rules.

The new Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules 2011 make sure that organisations get consent, in writing, from individuals about the use of the sensitive personal information they collect about them.

It has been suggested that “India may have gone a bit too far trying to put in place a tough data protection and privacy regime to impress investors”.

The new rules are such that any Indian company collecting the personal information of individuals abroad will not have to adhere to these rules, because “Indian companies will be collecting this data on behalf of the customer who is abroad and governed by laws in his country” said Kamlesh Bajaj, CEO of the Data Security Council of India.

Companies that outsource data processing or work that involves data processing to India will need to re-assess the impact of these changes to the Indian Law on their own data operations and legislative compliance. This is something that Absolute Data can help you with, and would be delighted to discuss with you. Contact us now on 01423 790125 or at