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Recorded visitor rates on ICO website take a nosedive after new guidelines on Cookie Law are adopted.

It has been confirmed by the ICO that the number of visitors accepting cookies from its website fell by 90%, since its adoption of measures regarding ‘cookie consent’ in June.

Cookies are small text files that store information about internet users’ online behaviour. Websites store the files on users’ computers.

New UK Law compels websites to get explicit permission from users to place cookies in their browsers; websites cannot record non-consenting users as visitors to their site.

Although a 90% drop could be devestating to many web companies, it has been suggested by an ICO spokesperson that “The drop may be more severe than that which other sites might suffer because visitors to the ICO’s site are ‘more privacy aware’”.

The ICO has previously issued guidance on how websites can comply with the new cookie laws and has given organisations until May 2012 to change their use of cookies to comply with the law before it begins taking enforcement action.

Many of Absolute Data’s clients have vey compelling web content, not to mention very focussed audiences – and as such, the new Cookie Law could have a seriou impact on their digitial media business model.
Phil Brining, MD here at Absolute Data, suggests our clients take a moment to

“look at the terms of their internet provision, check the details of sponsorship and advertiser contracts to make sure that the commercial base of these is not based on tracked visits.”

“We’d strongly advise early action to plan how they intend to introduce and communicate their response to the cookie law in order to avoid or minimise measured visits drop off “.

If you would like further information as to how Absolute Data can help you ensure compliance of the new law, get in touch now.