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Mandatory requirement to report data breaches considered in EU data protection law changes

It is expected that businesses will need to introduce tighter data control measures, following proposals by the EU to bring in mandatory data breach reporting.

In June, the EU’s Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said new data protection changes including mandatory notification of data breaches across all sectors would ensure that all businesses, including those in the financial sector, take data protection seriously. “Data breaches have eroded consumers’ trust and banks and businesses will need to take data protection much more seriously if they want to avoid future reputation damage,” she said.

A consideration to make is that many organisations might not actually know where their data is stored, or how. Understandably, due to this, it would be incredibly difficult for any organisation to put appropriate measures in place in order to adhere to new rules and regulations imposed upon them.

Absolute Data can help any organisation with this problem, bridge any gaps in their current data security, and provide ongoing data management, ensuring the highest standards of data security, management, staff training and understanding.

Absolute Data provides three different key services in the field of data management; an auditing service, a bespoke data management to organisation service, and a pay-monthly package aimed at removing the stress and time constraints faces by businesses when it comes to data and the complicated world in which it sits.

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