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Coucil breaks data laws after personal data found in skip.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has found Walsall Council guilty of breaking data laws after an external contractor, working on the council;s behalf, dumped resident’s postal vote statements in a skip. Information dumped included names, address, dates of birth and signatures. 951 statements have never been recovered.

The Council had no contract in place with the contractor in relation to processing personal information, and also did not provide instructions to them with regards to keeping information secure.

“While councils can hire contractors to process personal information on their behalf, they must remember that they are still ultimately responsible for ensuring people’s information is kept secure,” said Simon Entwisle, the ICO’s director of operations.

“Obviously little thought was given to this when the statements were disposed of in the skip.”

Walsall Council’s chief executive has signed a formal undertaking that will ensure contracts are signed with suppliers handling personal data.

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