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Fear of confidentiality and data breaches is putting patients off treatment has reported that a NHS patients ‘may withold information from their doctors and put off treatment’, over fears of breaches in data and confidentiality.

A recent survey came back with startling figures; over half of 1,000 surveyed ‘either withheld information or would withhold information from clinicians and nearly 40 percent have or would put off seeking treatment if a hospital had a ppor reputation for security’

“It is vital for the future of the NHS that patient information can be freely exchanged between the clinicians,” said Ted Boyle a specialist healthcare IT consultant and former systems administration and security manager at NHS Lothian.

“At the same time patients have a right to expect that sensitive information about them will remain confidential.

“For this to happen it is essential that advanced security systems are in place to monitor exactly who is accessing people’s records in order to prevent patient data from being abused.”

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