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Absolute Data launches CRM / Data in Sport Professional Group

Absolute Data has today launched the CRM/Data in Sport Professional LinkedIn group after several of our club clients suggested that we create and moderate group exclusively for people working with CRM and data in professional sport at club or governing body level.

The group will be attractive to:
• Privacy Compliance Managers;
• CRM/Data Managers;
• Ticket Office Manages;
• Data Protection Managers;
• IT Managers.

Features & Benefits of the group:
• Industry-specific support, guidance, links;
• Sharing ideas by promoting relevant discussions;
• Recommended models for best practice;
• Availability of specialist consulting services;
• Review/support individual queries and cases.

We’d like this to be a pragmatic group – a source of guidance, ideas, and solutions – rather than being a talking shop. While the group is be peer-to-peer, Absolute Data’s consultants will be available to: stimulate and encourage discussion; highlight relevant news, events and current affairs; field questions; write newsletters; organise periodic face-to-face meetings; organise or recommend training courses/materials; and invite guest moderators and writers to contribute to discussions and podcasts.

Please take a look at the Group here: