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Crackdown on Cookie Law begins

It has been confirmed that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will, in the coming weeks, contact large UK companies to find out what they have put in place in order to comply with the recently updated ‘Cookie Law’ (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, or PECR).

The Cookie Law essentially means that business must gain consent from website users in order to track web activity. The deadline for businesses to make necessary changes to comply was 26th May 2012.

ZNet has reported that approiximately 50 companies will be quizzed about whether they have audited their cookie use and what steps they have taken to ensure compliance.

Following my news post a few days ago, it is also apparent that many government departments are not currently compliant, and the ICO will apparently quiz some of them, so results could prove very interesting, as could any next steps the ICO chooses to take as a result.

The ICO’s Deputy Commissioner, David Smith commented:
“All we are doing is removing the moratorium, so that any non-compliance is considered as non-compliance,” told ZDNet UK. “It’s most unlikely that cookie’s non-compliance will attract monetary penalties, unless you have reached criteria about a serious breach or have caused substantial distress.”