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Examining the true value of CRM

Soccerex has today reported on its latest examination of the value of CRM at professional sports clubs.

David McClellan, CEO of Tickethour UK thinks:
“There is simply no point in joining the rush to CRM for the sake of it so it is worth considering some basic but essential questions before making any sort of investment:

What will Clubs get out of these systems in terms of hard, bottom line profit?

Are these solutions directly increasing profits over and above their total costs?

Enterprise CRM systems provide many levels of segmentation and profiling to allow extremely accurate targeting and profiling of the wider customer base. Does your marketing function do this? Or is your marketing output simply emails to the entire database? No point paying for segmentation if you aren’t going to use it.

So if you are investing heavily in enterprise CRM systems, you are maximising your data asset, running and measuring highly targeted campaigns, and achieving a measurable ROI in terms of profit, then well done! If not, then congratulations on your cash surplus”.

Absolute Data’s experience with CRM

Everton Football Club, is a longstanding client of Absolute Data’s and one of the country’s leading football clubs. The club’s Corporate Sales department is responsible for maximising revenue from corporate hospitality, advertising, events and sponsorship. Absolute Data was asked to improve the way that leads and prospects were managed and accounts developed and move Everton away from the reliance on Talent CRM, Excel and Outlook, and good old fashioned pen and paper.

How did Absolute Data help?

Absolute Data moved in, and helped assess Everton’s needs. We focussed on investigating the sales processes and designing labour saving automated tasks that would be popular with the sales team and therefore increase the chances of adoption and success. On our advice, Everton FC implemented Salesforce CRM, and we worked with the Club and Salesforce’s professional services team to create a superb system to manage corporate and sponsorship sales and accounts.

Everton’s corporate sales management system now gives an unparalleled insight into sales activities and interaction with customers. The sales team love the system as it saves them time, gives them control, and helps them to earn more money in their pockets. Management have an instant 24/7 accurate view of the sales pipeline and forecasts, and the sales administrators find it far easier to work with than their legacy ticketing system. The results have been quite astonishing. Three Everton staff were trained and have now taken over development of the system giving the club control: something that was part of the requirements through years of frustration relying upon third parties and consultants. Salesforce is an integral part of Everton’s CRM and data strategy … click on this link to see how we have helped

Probably our biggest contribution was our superb insight into exactly how commercial departments operate in professional sport having been there and done it!