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UKFast research shows 'apalling data ignorance' by several UK councils.

Poor data security from several of the UK’s local councils has left sensitive expenditure information openly available on the internet. Research carried out by UKFast, a web hosting specialist, has revealed ‘the appalling level of data protection ignorance which left details of one council’s £83m spend – including suppliers’ contact details and prices – as simple to find and download as an MP3 track’.

Lawrence Jones, CEO at UKFast said: “Our security division regularly monitors the level of cyber risk across the internet to make sure our clients are protected from every type of threat. The public sector should set an example on data protection so to discover such a lapse – where personal details and sensitive data is openly available – from a local government body is very concerning.”

Jones continued: “We discovered several databases, not only from councils but from businesses as well, all filled with information that would allow cybercriminals to impersonate suppliers to steal money or personal information through even the simplest of attacks.

“It would not take any specialist technical skill to be able to find this information through a search engine and then put together a convincing email or phone call impersonating the suppliers to steal from the council or business.”