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Small businesses at risk of data breach fine.

Warning notices for data security lapses are up 48% from last year, the Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed.

In total, it has issued £1.8million worth of fines over the last 12 months – almost £1.5million more than last year.

Analysts with Syscap – an independent funder to the education sector – say that while the majority of fines have been against public bodies, the ICO is also increasingly taking action against private organisations that lose data.
With the ICO cracking down, small businesses in particular are at risk, as they often lack the appropriate safeguards to properly monitor and track their ICT equipment, researchers say, leaving them more open to fines when data is lost.
Syscap chief executive Philip White said: “Small businesses are increasingly falling foul of the ICO. It’s clear that the ICO is starting to take a much more proactive stance in penalising data lapses, so this is something that business owners need to take very seriously.

“Businesses need to make sure that the correct safeguards are in place in order to secure their data, or they could be at risk of hefty fines in the near future.”