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UK datacentres unprepared for massive changes that big data will bring

Computer Weekly has today reported on the fact that ‘UK datacentres are unprepared for the massive changes that big data will bring to the enterprises and their IT facilities’ after Research Now conducted a study of 125 senior IT decision makers.

While IT executives are clear about the types of applications they will need to deploy to manage big data requirements in the next two years, they are not yet planning for the real increase in data volumes that these applications will need, the study further showed.

Big data refers to the huge volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data a company creates. Managing such unstructured data is not useful from just a business point of view but also to ensure that the business is compliant with data protection regulations.

The few companies that have planned for the impact of big data on datacentres and are implementing applications to manage it said they expect capacity requirements to increase by 40-50%.