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Data Protection tops the list of UK security priorities

Computer Weekly report that data protection is THE top priority for UK firms in 2013 with over 50% of those polled placing it above IT security, mobilisation, and cloud computing.  The imminent law changes coupled with a realisation that data protection risks and lack of control over process and people are probably now a greater threat to businesses than IT secuirty are thought to be behind the change.  This is great news but what are firms going to do about it?

Quite possibly the penny has  dropped and firms are now realising that technologically based IT security measures are less effective, dare I say useless, without organisationally based security measures and that work environments where there is a general lack of data governance control are highly dangerous and risky.

Absolute Data are data protection specialists advocating Information Assurance – a holistic approach to data and IT security.  Our aim is to implement technological controls within a broader framework of organisational and environmental control and governance so that information ASSURANCE can be achieved.  Sounds rather too academic?  Well in practical terms we’ve developed our own toolkit which is complaint with British Standard BS10012 and ISO27001 that will provide information assurance.  It’s basically a quality system akin to ISO9001 but for personal inforamtion and data.  It’s inexpensive, easy to deploy and effective.  Contact us for more information.