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Dashboarding Reporting – Opening the door to better visibility for Homeserve

Homeserve is one of the leading suppliers of warranty insurance products and household insurance providers in the U.K.

On average, approximately 7% of people buying new products register a warranty and Homeserve were trying different techniques to improve that ratio and learn more about which customers were buying which household goods.

How did Absolute Data help?

Homeserve asked Equals Marketing to build an interactive CDROM which would be distributed with the warranty information for new household boilers. Through some very clever programming work by Grow Studios, the CD reported information back to Absolute Data’s central database on which sections of the CD were looked at by the recipients.  Homeserve wanted to see a clear, daily dashboard of all marketing activity, and we were only too happy to deliver just that.

To do so, we built a visual dashboard of data which was published to the internet in a secure environment. The dashboard gives a graphical picture of the data collected, including conditional formatting which is able to draw the eye to particular points of interest within the data.