recent work

Data Brokerage – Headingly Hospitality

In the beginning of 2006, Headingley Hospitality approached Absolute Data to act on its behalf, and buy data for marketing campaigns.

The company had had previously purchased data that had turned out to be wholly unsuitable for the purpose of selling cricket hospitality and wanted to utilise Absolute Data’s experience to improve its marketing efforts.

How did Absolute Data help?

Absolute Data was asked to buy 5,000 business addresses that were likely to be interested in buying corporate hospitality for the 2006 Headingley Test match.

We contacted several list managers in order to find the most suitable data, and then rolled out an email marketing campaign to promote the hospitality services available at Headingley. Had we not taken the steps we did, Headingley Hospitality would still be working from unsuitable data, and bringing in less revenue as a result.