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Data Capture – Taking care of Liverpool FC’s data transfers

Liverpool Football Club is one of Europe’s leading football clubs, having enjoyed remarkable success for the last 30 years. With an enormous fan base across the world, the club needed to change its membership scheme and access new routes to market.

How did Absolute Data help?

Liverpool asked Swedish company, Expericard, to produce an exciting, interactive DVD, which could be retailed in Liverpool FC stores.  The idea was that Liverpool fans could buy the DVD which would like them through to the Club’s membership scheme via an Absolute Data online database.  As people interacted with the DVD, various special items were unlocked through some very clever programming and data integration.  Liverpool’s aim of selling its Membership offer in channels that were, up to that point, unavailable was achieved, and Absolute Data collected and supplied a rich array of personal, lifestyle, and behavioural data from the new members.