recent work and CRM Design & Build – Saving time and money for Charities Trust

Charities Trust is a £50million a year income charity which helps to raise money for other charities through structured fundraising schemes, such as Payroll giving and fundraising appeals.

Charities Trust ran separate bespoke SQL systems for prospecting and operational management. The two systems did not ‘talk to each other’, which meant lots of unnecessary re-keying of data between the two systems. To make matters worse, the prospecting system was difficult to use and lacking in features.

How did Absolute Data help?

To help solve their problems and increase efficiency, Absolute Data helped Charities Trust to develop a Statement of Needs and then looked in the market for a suitable software solution. Together, we selected, with Absolute Data project managing the design and build of a new prospecting and CRM system.

Two of Charities Trusts’ members of staff were trained as system administrators and were heavily involved in the actual customisation of the Salesforce solution. Charities Trust now has a prospect management and CRM system which absolutely fits their needs – they can now amend the system as their needs change over time saving money in the long term.