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Half of UK consumers mistrust companies

Information Age reported on the 25th June that a recent survey by Comres found that half of UK consumers have no trust of companies in respect of their data. The report suggests that UK consumers mistrust large corporations who seemingly hoover up large amounts of data under the guise of consumer profiling and enhancing customer experiences, but simply go on to re-sell this data or otherwise unfairly exploit it. Information Age state that Barclays plc changed their terms and conditions late in June 2013 giving it the right to resell aggregated annonymised data about its customers buying patterns.

Only 18% of the survey’s respondants felt that personal data was being used to enhance customer experiences.

Another survey by Infosys found that trust varied between industries with 91% have a high level of trust with doctors, 74% with banks, and 69% with retailers.——survey

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