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Samsung TVs highlight concerns about technology and privacy

Privacy has always been a big concern for people and businesses who deal with information which needs to remain private, but as more innovative new technology is introduced all the time, it’s becoming clear that data can be compromised in ways we never had to think about in years gone by. These technological developments inevitably lead to the need for new and improved data protection strategies.

Samsung’s Smart TV sets are a prime example of this; they have been in the news recently because of concerns that they may be “eavesdropping” on people in their own living rooms – a scenario that seems to be straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

The TVs are equipped with microphones that allow users to control them via voice commands rather than a remote control. It seems that the speech is then transmitted to a third party to be interpreted. Samsung’s privacy policy contains a warning to users that they should be careful when discussing personal or sensitive information near their TV, as the data will be transmitted to the third party through the voice recognition feature. Samsung have stated that they use industry-standard safeguards to protect users’ data and that people have the option to disable the voice command feature, but this has not assuaged the fears many people have about trusting this kind of technology in their homes.

News stories like these highlight the importance of having effective data protection strategies in place, to ensure that your privacy is not breached and that you are protecting yourself from unwanted effects of using new technology in your home or workplace. As a modern, dynamic company, we do all we can to stay up to date with the latest concerns people have about protecting their data, ensuring that we can continue to provide a useful and relevant service to all our clients. Whether you require salesforce CRM implementation, accurate risk assessments to determine possible danger areas, or advice on how to integrate data between different data systems, our team can come up with and implement a bespoke strategy based around your unique needs.