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How will new regulations affect data security and usage in the EU?

Later in 2015 we will see new regulations put into practice regarding data protection in the EU. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the directives that have been in place since 1995, modernising the system to suit the technologically advanced modern world. The aim is to create a single law rather than the multitude of national laws we currently have. It is hoped that the regulations will be simplified, require less administrative work and reduce legal uncertainty whilst also improving better protection for consumers.

Data protection and information assurance is very much in the spotlight at the moment. With the internet proving to be such an integral part of the modern age, more effort needs to be taken to protect consumers and ensure their information is secure when it is online. The new law will help to achieve this but political debate is set to continue about what the regulations should be.

In the UK, there is an ongoing political debate on data protection. The Conservatives have taken a middle of the road stance by championing the need to protect consumers whilst still giving businesses the ability to use consumer details to personalise the services and products they offer them. Labour has taken a similar balanced approach, although they are not in support of all of the proposed new laws. The Liberal Democrats have a positive outlook and believe we need clear rules that will provide better privacy, security and business services.

With the General Election in May it will be interesting to see which stance the new Government takes regarding data security. It will be very important to get the new regulations right, particularly in the UK because the NHS has been guilty of some of the most serious breaches. The debate will continue and new laws should be decided on after input from governments, technology companies and the people affect most by data breaches, consumers.

With data security in the spotlight it is more important than ever to have specialist companies on hand to help businesses and public entities to make the best decisions in terms of protection. We can plan and implement a bespoke data strategy for your business, whatever sector you are involved in.