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DataWise helps to fully secure your company’s data

In the past several years, there have been several blunders made by various companies who simply have not taken satisfactory steps towards protecting their data. From local councils to global corporations, user details have been leaked from data breaches due to these entities simply not being careful enough with this vital information. This is why a suitable data strategy is absolutely vital. We are not only dedicated to providing a software solution, in the form of DataWise, to protect against this, but also to dispense help and advice to ensure that our clients do not easily lose their customer’s personal details.

Taking active steps towards securing customer data should be the number one priority of all companies and businesses. If you lose customer’s personal details, you are also extremely likely to lose their trust and their custom in the future. The problem with data breaches and leaks is that they can happen for a number of reasons, from inadequate security to hacking and even theft of key items such as memory sticks and laptops. By taking steps towards maximising your security, you can prevent this data from being leaked.

Preventing data leaks is not just a moral obligation, but a legal one as well. Organisations breaching the Data Protection Act could face a fine of up to £500,000. A company needs to make sure that its data is kept as safe as possible, that it is kept for the right amount of time and expunged on request, and that you know exactly where all of your data is stored. These are only a few of the many guidelines that you need to adhere to ensure that you are not falling foul of the act and risking being hit with a hefty fine.

Our DataWise system is used for complete data protection, and comes in three forms: DataWise Platform, DataWise Pro and DataWise Ultimate. Each part comes with different extras, but the basics remain unchanged, with our customers receiving our software platform and extras including templates and record keeping logs. It covers everything from disaster plans and information security incidents to data sharing agreements and materials in regards to legal compliance.

When you use our services, we take several steps towards ensuring that your data is as safe as it possibly can be. We take the time to learn about the data that you use and how you use it, before ensuring that all policies and procedures in place are adequate for protecting it. We also train your staff wherever possible to ensure that they know their responsibilities in concerns to information assurance, and also as a means of ensuring that they are fully adhering to data protection laws. If you need a fully comprehensive solution for your information security needs, then we can handle it for you.