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Data / CRM strategy
We believe successful data management starts at the top, with a comprehensive data strategy.  We also believe that data provides the cornerstone on which a successful business is built. As such, we encourage all clients to treat it with as much respect as they would finance and recruitment and other more ‘customer facing’ aspects of the business.

Data risk assessment
Everything to do with data excites us. But Data Protection is our absolute passion. For the past 2 and a half years, we’ve been providing specialist advice and consulting services to guarantee compliance, and providing risk assessment to make sure customer privacy is maintained.

In the last 6 months, the European Union and Information Commissioner’s Office have increased their focus on these areas. So, it’s vital you have a team of experts on side – who could help you avoid breaking laws and incurring financial penalties and potentially catastrophic reputational damage simply because your processes haven’t been health checked regularly.  All you want is independent peace of mind that your systems are healthy and inside the law.  We can provide that for you.

In an interesting development, the regulator will soon have the power to inspect data processes on demand, and will have the power to levy large fines on companies that are unable to demonstrate a controlled set of process, practices and procedures. We have devised our own approach to helping you avoid such penalties – please call and ask for details today.

We are firm advocates of formulating a CRM / data strategy within a business which then measures progress towards achieving organisational goals.  That’s why we’ve written, monitored, managed and maintained so many successful CRM strategies for several of our clients, including leading English Premier League football clubs and large charities.

Technical project management
Our experienced consultants are familiar with numerous data systems, and know best practice inside out. As highly skilled project managers, they’re able to manage third party contractors in a technical project on behalf of a client, seamlessly. We often find that organisations don’t have the skill set, time or focus to manage a project as effectively as they might like, so it makes sense for them to hire in the best project managers to work under their guidance. And that’s where we come in.

Data Migration Strategy
With a reputation for delivering data with a difference, we’re the ‘go-to’ specialists of choice for companies and charities who need advice on the integration of data between data systems. Though it can seem complicated to provide a single view of a customer and their relationship with your business, we make it look easy. We can talk until the cows come home about techniques, integration methodologies, software and even expert third party suppliers to ensure that data integration operates effectively and efficiently, bringing in more revenue or donations for you.

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