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CRM Strategy
Managing customer information ‘under one roof’ allows business to run more efficiently. For starters, sales opportunities can be exposed, handled quicker and reported on more accurately. From a marketing point of view, we can ensure that campaigns are reach the audience they’re intended for, and that revenue is maximised as a result.

By integrating correspondence, campaigns and actions, CRM strategies help both you and your customers. With our unique approach to keeping customers and clients happy, everybody wins!

Salesforce Design and Build

Absolute Data has been a Salesforce partner since June 2009. Over the last year we have worked closely together, delivering systems to meet our clients’ requirements.

We’ll start by working with you to identify and document your needs, and we’ll introduce Salesforce into the business if necessary. We can manage the design, build, testing, user training, system documentation, data migration and implementation of a new system and ensure that it meets the needs of your business. We’ll even work with you on a CRM communications programme to raise awareness internally and increase the rate of adoption. Watch the clip below to see how we have worked with Everton Football Club on their Salesforce CRM system:

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