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Data Services

Data Capture
Every business captures data, but some achieve far better results than others.  For instance, in recent years Tesco has been heralded as a leader in data collection through the Club Card programme.  Absolute Data will define and implement data capture strategies that will build and enhance your data using a range of data capture techniques and mechanics, and as a result, we can delve deeper into your customers’ mindset.

Data Enrichment / Enhancement
We’re a friendly bunch, so we’ll happily give you all the advice you need when it comes to improving your existing data.  It could be that you need to find phone numbers for your customers, where they have moved to, or even what cars they drive.  Through our relationships with data brokers and our own data capture capabilities we can usually enrich or enhance data and help you get to know new or existing customers that little bit better. Ultimately, we’ll give you an edge when it comes to making sales.

Data Cleansing and de-duplication
We’re often asked to cleanse and de-duplicate customer data. So, we thought it would be a good idea to develop a range of streamlined tools and techniques to do this effectively and efficiently.

But it’s in our nature to go those few steps further for our clients. As such, we also get involved in looking at clients’ data processes so that we can root out and kill off the underlying causes of duplicate and un-clean data.

Data Migration
We regularly move data in and out of data systems, and have become pretty good at migrating data for our customers. We can advise on this if you want to do it yourself, or, as is often the case, you might prefer us to do all the hard work for you!

Data Reporting
Over the years, we’ve found that clients often get frustrated with their inability to get the data that they have pumped into their systems back out again in the form of reports and dashboard summaries. Fortunately, we know our onions when it comes to extracting, summarising and tabulating data into easy-to-digest formats that can be generated on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis. That way, you’re always in touch with your targets!

By displaying data in eye-catching dashboards (which can then be published into intranet or internet sites), we’ll make it easier for you and your team to view the information you need to, and act on it quicker.

Data Profiling
On many occasions, we have been asked to take various sets of data and create customer profiles and attributes.  In the sports world, we can consolidate five or six different databases down into one master DB and then “tag” each record with a meaningful multi dimensional profile which changes over the passage of time.  That way, you will always be able to select the right target groups for a marketing campaign.

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